Larnaka Port

Larnaka Port

The second, in magnitude, port of our country and it is situated in the southeastern part of Cyprus.

Until 1973 the port of Larnaca was operating as a roadstead with inadequate port facilities which the town offered in the area where today lays the Marina i.e. at the town center. With the exception of the oil products, the port had served up to that time very little trade traffic and its storage space was quite small and unsuitable.

In its present form, Larnaca port is situated approximately 2 km from the town center and on the landside is surrounded by residential units. On the north side there are oil product installations and at the south side it borders with Larnaca marina.

An advantage for the port is the fact that at a distance of 6 kilometers lays Larnaca International Airport.

The new Larnaca port was completed in June 1973 and was initially intended to share with Famagusta port its inland area and supplement the latter. It commenced operation at the end of 1973.

Today it is a multipurpose port having an area of 445.000 sq. meters and serves all kinds of loads from unpacked (animal fodder, grain, gypsum), conventional (lumber, iron, fertilizers, automobiles) as well as oil products.

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Larnaka Port Larnaca

Larnaca Port

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