1977 - Foundation of Eurologos Brussels (Belgium) by its current CEO, Franco Troiano 1981 - Eurologos becomes a public limited company and sets the objective to quickly become one of the leaders of its sector, which already includes hundreds of very active companies. 1988 - Eurologos reaches its goal of becoming the second language services company in Belgium with more than USD 2 million in turnover. 1989 - Eurologos founds is first pre-press subsidiary, Littera Graphis. 1993 - Eurologos founds its second subsidiary in Antwerp (Belgium). 1994 - Eurologos publishes its first book on applied traductology "Translation, adaptation, and multilingual publishing", TCG Editions, Brussels (248 pages). 1995 - Eurologos makes its appearance on the Internet with two multilingual websites (www.eurologos.com and www.litteragraphis.be). 1996 - Eurologos starts its globalization with the foundation of two additional subsidiaries in Italy (Milan) and in Germany (Cologne). 1998 - CFJ-Tokyo joins the group. 2000 - Eurologos becomes a "glocal" group (global and local at the same time) and opens several franchises: in Israel, Madrid and Bucarest. 2001 - During the months of January, and March, new franchises are created in Genoa, and Sao Paulo. From September to December, new franchises are added to the Eurologos network: Trieste, Tallinn, and Shkodër. As a result, by 31 December 2001, the Eurologos Group consisted of 29 offices. 2002 - During the month of January, the Iasi office were integrated into the Eurologos Group. Followed by Belgrade en Cyprus in the month of August, September and December. 2003 - Opening of St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Toronto, Budapest, Lisbon, San José, Moscow, Paris, Gliwice, New York and Buenos Aires. 2004 - Opening of Leipzig, Montpellier, Arezzo and Helsinki.

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Year of Establishment 1977
Directors Matteo Fiorini
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Acropolis Avenue 44-46 , Flat/Office: 201 , Nicosia , Cyprus

info [ at ] eurologos-cyprus.com
+357 22 519 088
+357 22 519 025