Cyprus Fire Service

The Cyprus Fire Service has stations across the island. The rapid growth of tourism and standard of living on the island forwarded the need for improvements and best performance from the Fire Service. Generally it fulfills an essential social and humanitarian mission in time of peace and war.

The Fire Service today has:

  • 10 Fire Stations in main cities.
  • Fire Stations in the two main International Airports of Larnaka and Pafos.
  • 15 Rural Stations that are manned by volunteer Fire Fighters.
  • The Special Fire and Rescue Unit (EMAK).
  • The Fire Fighting Training Center.
  • The Fire Prevention Department.
  • The Fire Service Maintenance Team (mechanical and garage facilities).
  • The Fire Service Stores.
  • The Fire Service Information Technology Department

It employs in total 662 officers, full time fire fighters and 14 citizens, as well as 120 part-time (volunteer) firefighters that serve the Rural Fire Stations. It maintains a fleet of approximately 115 pumps, 110 fire and rescue trucks, 6 platforms, 6 emergency vehicles, 20 auxiliary vehicles and 5 ambulances located across the island.

The Fire Service attends to fire incidents as well as to a range of other incidents such as road traffic accidents, floods and animal rescues. The Fire Prevention Department handles around 10,000 cases each year. These cases may include inspections on public or hazardous buildings, advice to the public on fire safety and prevention, recommendation on fire safety aspects at the design stage of a structure etc. To promote fire safety and prevention awareness in the public, the Cyprus Fire Service initiated the 'Fire Safety Week' during which all members of the Fire and Rescue Service promote fire safety and prevention objectives through pro-active public education programmes, campaigns, lectures and informative material. Particular emphasis is placed on reaching the most vulnerable members of society, the very young, the very old and the socially deprived.

Source: Press And Information Office, Republic Of Cyprus, 2005