Cyprus Culture

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for formulating and implementing the cultural policy of the Government through its Cultural Services. The Cultural Services are accountable for a broad range of activities including: Literature-Books In order to encourage Cypriot writers in their intellectual activity, the Cultural Services have institutionalized a number of state prizes for: Literature, awarded biennially for poetry, novel, short-story and essay, and new writers under the age of 30 childrens literature, awarded biennially young Cypriot writers (book selected for printing by the Cultural Services) In addition, awards for Excellence are awarded annually for outstanding contribution to the cultural life of the island.

Cyprus Cultural Institutions

National Struggle Museum - The National Struggle Museum was inaugurated on 30 April 2001 in its new premises. Houses of Arts and Letters - Cultural Services rent premises in Nicosia, Limassol and Pafos in order to house literary associations.

New Institutions and Programs for Cultural Development

Creation of a Mansion Of Culture - Following a decision of the Council of Ministers, the creation of a Mansion of Culture is being promoted, which will house the Music Centre and the State Library. Creation of Cultural Infrastructure - Within this framework, approval has already been given for the subsidization of various cultural centers, libraries, theatres and museums in the government-controlled municipalities of Cyprus, while new cases are examined every six months.

Cyprus Theatre

Theatre in Cyprus has flourished since antiquity and there is wonderful proof of this with the existence of the ancient theatres of Kourion, Pafos, Salamis and Soli. The Cyprus Theatre Organization (THOC) was founded by law in 1971 with the aim of promoting Theatrical Arts in Cyprus and aiding cultural links with other countries.

Cyprus Antiquities

Department of Antiquities - The protection, conservation or restoration and promotion of ancient monuments and archaeological sites as well as the maintenance of government museums throughout the island are the responsibility of the Department of Antiquities.

Cyprus Handicrafts

The geographical position between three continents made the island of Cyprus the crossroad of eastern and western civilization. Through the passage of time it has created its own history and culture. Craftsmen through the ages created a wealth of traditions in folk art.

Cyprus Research Centre

The aims and objectives of the Cyprus Research Centre are: The organization, commencement and conduct of academic research in the disciplines of Cypriot history, archaeology, sociology, linguistics and folklore.

Sports in Cyprus

The sports history of Cyprus dates back many centuries. Inscriptions found in various archeological sites both on the island and in Greece bear witness to the Cypriots love for sports, and also to their success in the Pan-Hellenic and Olympic contests of ancient times at Olympia, Pythia, Isthmia and elsewhere.