Cyprus National Guard

The Army of the Republic of Cyprus was founded immediately after the Declaration of Independence. It consisted of 2000 men, 60% of whom were Greek Cypriots and 40% Turkish Cypriots. National service was not mandatory and could be imposed with the mutual agreement of the President (Greek Cypriot) and the Vice-President (Turkish Cypriot) of the Republic.

Cyprus Police

Cyprus Police has a history of over one century. Its structure is basically identical to that of an English Police Service and most of the existing rules and regulations are based on English Laws since Cyprus was a British colony, from 1878 until 1960, when it became an independent state.

Cyprus Fire Service

The Cyprus Fire Service has stations across the island. The rapid growth of tourism and standard of living on the island forwarded the need for improvements and best performance from the Fire Service. Generally it fulfills an essential social and humanitarian mission in time of peace and war.

Cyprus Prisons Department

In Cyprus there is only one correctional institution, the Prisons in Nicosia, which operates under a new and comprehensive legislative and regulatory frame, put in place in 1996 and 1997. This legislation incorporates the European Prison Rules and is consonant to the standards contained in the Council of Europe relevant instruments.

Cyprus Civil Defense Force

The main mission of the Civil Defense Force is the performance of various humanitarian tasks intended to protect the civilian population and help it recover from the immediate effects of hostilities or disaster as well as to provide the conditions necessary for its survival.