Cyprus Health

The principle underlying the Government's health policy is that health, as a social good, is the responsibility of the state. The Government's main objective is the continuous improvement of the standard of health of the population, through the promotion of health, the prevention of disease and the provision of high quality health care to all citizens.

Cyprus Labor

Cyprus Employment - As a result of the satisfactory performance of the Cyprus economy throughout the eighties and nineties, the labor market in Cyprus has exhibited conditions of full employment, with unemployment at around 3,5% of the economically active population, but with a moderate upward trend during the last few years.

Social Protection

Cyprus Social Insurance Scheme - On 6 October 1980 an earnings-related Social Insurance Scheme was introduced in Cyprus, incorporating the previous flat-rate scheme in a modified structure providing in addition supplementary earnings - related benefits.

Cyprus Social Welfare

The Social Welfare Services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance are responsible for the provision and promotion of social welfare services. The policy of the Social Welfare Services forms an integral part of the general governmental policy for social and economic development and aims at advancing social welfare, meeting social needs and preventing social problems among individuals, families and communities.

Cyprus Housing

Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) - The Housing Finance Corporation (HFC) is a state-owned organization governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, appointed by the Council of Ministers, normally for a three-year term.

Youth Board of Cyprus

The Youth Board of Cyprus was established by Law in April 1994. Its Governing Board has seven members. They include a representative from each of the youth organizations of political parties represented in the House of Representatives and 3 members who are appointed directly by the Council of Ministers.

Cyprus Protection of Human Rights

The National Institution for the Protection of Human Rights, established by a Decision of the Council of Ministers for the purpose of protecting human rights, is an independent body, not answerable to the Government.