Cyprus Road Network

Cyprus has developed a modern road network. According to 2002 statistics, the road network in the free areas of Cyprus consists of about 7.206 km of paved and 4.387 km of unpaved roads. The Public Works Department of the Ministry of Communications and Works has the responsibility for the maintenance, improvement and construction of motorways, the majority of rural and interurban road network and the main urban roads.

Cyprus Road Transport

The road transport services are performed by the private sector as provided by Law. Routes and time tables of urban, transurban and rural buses and taxis are fixed by the Licensing Authority. The fares for all the passenger service vehicles are fixed by the Minister of Communications and Works.

Cyprus Air Transport

As a result of the Turkish invasion in 1974 and the occupation of the northern part of Cyprus the air transport sector suffered a severe setback. Telecommunications installations and other vital equipment were destroyed or lost whilst Nicosia airport (the only airport in Cyprus at the time) was rendered defunct.

Cyprus Merchant Shipping

Department of Merchant Shipping in Cyprus - The Department of Merchant Shipping of the Ministry of Communications and Works is responsible for the development of maritime activities which include: registration of ships, administration and enforcement of the Merchant Shipping Laws, control of shipping and enforcement of international conventions ratified by the Government of Cyprus, investigation of accidents involving Cyprus ships or seamen serving on those ships or foreign ships sailing within the territorial waters of the Republic, resolving labor disputes on board Cyprus ships and training and certification of seafarers.

Cyprus Ports Authority

All port facilities of the island are under the jurisdiction of the Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA), a statutory body set up in 1973. The role of CPA is to implement and promote government policy but it also has the obligation to be commercially oriented as it has to be self financed.

Cyprus Electromechanical Services

The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services has the responsibility for the planning, design, execution and maintenance of the electromechanical installations of the Governmental buildings and works and the purchase and administration of the public machinery and equipment.