Cyprus Postal Services

The Department of Postal Services provides facilities for collection and transmission of local and overseas mail and delivery of such mail as well as philatelic products and financial services, through some 52 postal outlets and 1.

Cyprus Energy

The main objective of Cyprus energy policy is to meet energy demand at the lowest possible cost with the minimum impact on the environment, promote energy conservation, encourage the use of indigenous renewable energy sources and enhance sector competition.

Cyprus Electronic Communications

Department of Electronic Communications - The Department of Electronic Communications of the Ministry of Communications and Works is the Government's advisor on telecommunications policy matters including those related to harmonization with the Acquis Communautaire .

Cyprus Consumer Protection

Cyprus has adopted the Acquis Communautaire which concerns consumer protection with the main objective to ensure that the Cypriot consumer enjoys the same high level of consumer protection and safety as exists in the European Union.

Cyprus State Archives

The Cyprus Public Record Office was established in 1978 under the Public Record Law, to provide for the preservation of public records. In 1991 it was renamed “State Archives.” It is a service under the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. T.