Cyprus District Administration

Cyprus is divided into six administrative districts. These are: Nicosia, Limassol, Pafos, Larnaka (in the government-controlled areas) and Famagusta and Keryneia (in the occupied areas). Each district is headed by a District Officer who is essentially the local representative or extended arm of the government.

Cyprus Local Authorities

There are two types of local authorities, Municipalities and Communities, which are governed by separate laws. In principle, Municipalities constitute the form of local government in urban and tourist centers while communities constitute the local structure in rural areas.

Cyprus Town Planning and Housing

Department of Town Planning and Housing - The Department of Town Planning and Housing is a government department under the Ministry of Interior. Its main scope of operation concerns urban and spatial planning.

Cyprus Lands and Surveys

Department of Lands and Surveys - The Department of Lands and Surveys of the Ministry of Interior is the oldest and one of the largest departments of the Republic of Cyprus. Its role and responsibility have been of immense importance, particularly in operating the Cyprus Land Registration systems.