Cyprus Fisheries and Marine Research

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research developed activities in multidisciplinary fields concerning the sustainable use of marine resources, the development and sound management of fisheries and aquaculture, the marine ecology, the protection of endangered species and habitats, physical and chemical oceanography and the prevention and combat of marine pollution. Furthermore, the Department promotes supporting programmes to the fishermen including inter alia, the construction of fishing shelters.

Cyprus accepted the European acquis with respect to Chapter 8-Fisheries and it was generally agreed that the policy, priorities, the management and other measures applied by Cyprus in this sector are in parallel line with the acquis. A Fishing Monitoring Center has been established in order to enforce the European Fishing Common Policy. A contract for the installation of a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) through satellite has been signed. It was foreseen that by 1 May 2004 all fishing vessels would be equipped with the facility to locate their exact fishing position, in order to control illegal fishing. A fishing vessel register has been set up in the Department. All fishing vessels will be registered in order to have a record of the fishing capacity of the Cyprus Fishing Fleet. These data will be communicated to the DG Fisheries of the E.U.

The Cyprus production of fish is about 3750 tons valued at CY 13.8 million. Fish production is mainly derived from the inshore fishery, the trawl fishery, territorial and international waters and a purse seine, as well as from aquaculture. The Cyprus Fishing Fleet consists of 500 fishing boats, 18 trawlers and 35 sword fishing vessels. In 2003, the production of market size fish was about 1725 tons. In addition, 14 million marine fish fry were produced in 2003 out of which 6.5 million valued at CY 0, 76 million were exported. The total value of aquaculture is estimated at CY 8, 3 million.

The construction, improvement and maintenance of fishing shelters are among the major activities of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research. There are ten fishing shelters in operation- at Paralimni, Ayia Triada, Ayia Napa, Potamos, Xylophagou, Ormideia, Larnaka, Agios Georgios, Pomos and Pyrgos. Fishing vessels are also harbored at Latchi and in the ports of Pafos, Limassol and Larnaka. A decision has also been taken for the construction of an auction centre which is more than a necessity with Cyprus joining the European Union. The auction centre will include inland installations for the trade of fisheries products as well as a port for the fishing vessels.

Source: Press And Information Office, Republic Of Cyprus, 2005