Cyprus Meteorological Services

The Meteorological Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for the provision of meteorological services for the requirements of civil aviation, the collection of meteorological data and information, the compilation of climatological statistics and monitoring of the climatic variations and trends and the preparation of climatological studies and reports. It is also responsible for the issuing of public weather forecasts and for the provision of weather information and consultative services for applications in various fields such as agriculture, water resources, fisheries and shipping industry, regional planning and development, tourism, architectural and civil engineering works, renewable energy sources, environmental studies, etc.

Public weather forecasts are issued three times daily. Weather forecasts and weather services to shipping and marine activities in general were improved considerably in recent years following the acquisition of modern equipment including a weather satellite receiving station and meteorological radar. Also the Meteorological Office at Larnaka Airport is permanently connected to the National Meteorological Service of Greece receiving continually meteorological information and data about the weather which are available through the Global Telecommunication System. The Meteorological Service operates surface synoptic meteorological stations at Larnaka and Pafos Airports.

It also operates an upper air meteorological radiosonde station, a Radiation Center, about 40 climatological stations, 105 rainfall stations, and 18 automatic weather stations.

Source: Press And Information Office, Republic Of Cyprus, 2005