Cyprus Research Centre

The aims and objectives of the Cyprus Research Centre are:

  1. The organization, commencement and conduct of academic research in the disciplines of Cypriot history, archaeology, sociology, linguistics and folklore.
  2. The organization, commencement and conduct of research in any other discipline the needs of the country require at any given time.
  3. The publication and dissemination of the conclusions of the research conducted. 4. The promotion of academic endeavor within Cyprus and of academic co-operation with other countries.

The above aims are pursued:

  1. Through the use of the permanent research staff, as well as through the use, for the most part, of outside scholars.
  2. Through the organization and assembly of scientific archives and a specialized library of works on Cyprus. A Historical Archive, and archives of Oral History consisting of the Folklore Archive, the Archive of Oral Tradition and the War Veterans Archive.
  3. By organizing academic research missions within Cyprus and overseas.
  4. By organizing international academic conferences in Cyprus, or through the participation of representatives of the Centre in international academic conferences abroad.
  5. By giving support to able Cypriot research scholars, guiding and coordinating their academic endeavors and providing every possible means of assistance towards this end.

The research programmes of the Centre are both short-term and long-term and are assigned to its permanent research staff. Nonetheless, long-term research programmes can also be assigned to outside scholars. Since its foundation in 1964 the Centre has published 99 academic titles, 29 annual reviews and a digital disk containing traditional Cypriot ballads. The publications are published in either Greek or in the major European languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish), and include a broad range of scholarly works, such as academic monographs, publications of documents and historical texts, translations of historical texts, reprints, international conference proceedings and the annual review.

Source: Press And Information Office, Republic Of Cyprus, 2005