Cyprus Road Transport

The road transport services are performed by the private sector as provided by Law. Routes and time tables of urban, transurban and rural buses and taxis are fixed by the Licensing Authority. The fares for all the passenger service vehicles are fixed by the Minister of Communications and Works.

The Department of Road Transport of the Ministry of Communications and Works:

a) Implements government policy regarding road services offered to the public and control and regulation of the services.

b) Handles vehicle registration, issue of vehicle circulating licenses, testing of vehicles for road worthiness and issue of driving licenses.

The Department has developed a reformed financial scheme to encourage and promote the development of peripheral bus companies through financial motivation, so as to support high quality, low cost, safe and fast citizen transportation as a basic contribution to the community.

Cyprus Vehicle Licenses - All motor vehicles circulating in Cyprus need a motor vehicle license issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles. Public service motor vehicles also need special road service licenses, which are issued by the Licensing Authority, an independent body appointed by the Council of Ministers. Public Service licenses are valid for five years. Drivers of all types of motor vehicles must be holders of driving licenses which are issued after relevant tests and are valid until the age of 70. After the age of 70 the licenses are renewable every two years with a medical certificate. A visitor holding a valid driving license of his country or an international driving license can drive on the roads of Cyprus. Visitors importing a motor vehicle temporarily for their personal use, which is accompanied by a proper certificate of registration and a valid circulation license, are not obliged to register and they can use it on the roads of Cyprus. If the vehicle is not accompanied by the above documents, the owner must apply to the Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles within 15 days from the date of importation, for securing a temporary registration certificate. In case the foreign circulation license of a motor vehicle expires during its stay in Cyprus, the importer must pay to the Department of Road Transport the circulation fees.

Cyprus Vehicle Insurance - Before driving on the roads of Cyprus, a third party insurance cover by a Cyprus insurance company is essential unless the importer of the vehicle is in possession of an International Insurance Certificate (green card).

Cyprus Mechanical Inspection - All types of motor vehicles have to be inspected before registration. In addition, mechanical inspection of motor vehicles is carried out in accordance with local rules and regulations.

Cyprus International Conventions

Cyprus Bilateral Agreements - Cyprus acceded in 1977 to the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods Cover of TIR Carnets (the TIR Convention of 1959) and in 1981 to the Customs Conventions on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets (the TIR Convention of 1975). Bilateral agreements were signed with the United Kingdom, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, The Russian Federation, Armenia, Jordan, Latvia, Syria, Spain, France, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Luxemburg, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia, Estonia and Libya.

Source: Press And Information Office, Republic Of Cyprus, 2005