Cyprus Secondary, Technical and Vocational

Students attending public Secondary Technical and Vocational Education (STVE) programmes represent, approximately, 20% of the total students population. STVE programmes include formal Technical and Vocational Education, an Apprenticeship Scheme and Lifelong Learning and Training Programmes.They are offered in two main directions, theoretical and practical, and in various specialties. These programmes have a duration of three years and can be attended by students who have graduated successfully from the Gymnasio.

By offering a balanced curriculum of general and technological education STVE aims to provide students the required knowledge and skills, in order to:

  • Prepare them to enter the world of work well equipped, or
  • Continue further studies in their chosen area.

STVE Leaving Certificates are equivalent to those of Secondary General Education and, Technical School leavers can compete, in favorable terms, with school leavers from the Lykeio (Lyceum), for places in Tertiary Education by taking the centrally administered entrance examinations.

Apprenticeship Scheme - The Apprenticeship Scheme addresses drop-outs from the formal education system for the ages 15 to 17. Apprentices are employed in industry, where they receive on- the- job training and have the opportunity for general education and school based vocational training on a day release basis for a period of two years. The Scheme is a joint effort of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance and aims to equip young people with the means to get a job and to supply industry with semiskilled workers.

Life-Long Learning and Training Programmes - Various Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes are offered in afternoon and evening classes in Technical School. They have a duration of one, two or three years, or can be of shorter duration in modules of 40, 60 and 80 periods per year. They aim to provide individuals with the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and abilities and compete for employment.

An Evening Technical School is currently operating in Nicosia and after the trial period and depending on the findings of the evaluation that is foreseen, the innovation will be expanded to cover the whole of Cyprus. The programmes offered have the same legal status as the formal programmes of the day Technical Schools and it is a second opportunity to young people, and any adult for that matter, to acquire the Secondary and Vocational Education School Leaving Certificate.

Source: Press And Information Office, Republic Of Cyprus, 2005