The Violations of Cyprus Continue

The violation of human rights and international law by Turkey in Cyprus, which has been continuing for so many years, is unique in recent European history. Turkey, having driven the bulk of the Greek Cypriot population from the area under its occupation, achieving thus the ethnic cleansing of the part of Cyprus occupied by its armed forces, has prepared the ground for partitioning the Republic of Cyprus.

It has always been Turkey’s policy to divide the island. The objective of such a policy has been to insist that the Greek and Turkish Cypriots cannot live peacefully together in their common country without some sort of geographical separation – a claim that has been demolished by the daily mass crossings of people from both communities to either side of the ceasefire line and the warm friendliness they have shown each other.

Despite the many years of Turkish aggression against Cyprus and the violation of human rights and international law by Turkey, the people of Cyprus firmly believe that the international community will not permit such an illegal situation to constitute the framework of a solution of the Cyprus issue. Human rights principles, the rule of law and respect of human dignity must prevail.

Source: Press And Information Office, Republic Of Cyprus, 2005