Painting Notes (group exhibition)

Painting Notes (group exhibition)

Art Seen is delighted to present the group exhibition Painting Notes curated by Maria Stathi. New works will be exhibited by participating artists: Raymonde Beraud (CY), Gary Colclough (UK), Panayiotis Doukanaris (CY), Vangelis Gokas (GR), Jost Münster (GE), Eleni Phyla (CY) and Andreas Savva (CY). The opening of the show is on Friday, 4th of May 2018 at 18:30. The exhibition will run until the 22nd of June 2018.

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«The exhibition focuses on new approaches and perceptions of contemporary painting, while attempting to answer the questions raised of what painting means today. The works demonstrate the unparalleled breadth and diversity that the practice of painting guarantees, but also the ability to deal with and respond to both contemporary as well as timeless questions. Exercising practices inherent in the traditional principles of painting and other formalistically exemplary and liberated, using "unorthodox" materials and surfaces, the artists highlight and exploit the inexhaustible nature of the medium of painting.

Doukanaris’ threaded formalities, Phyla’s conjunctive comparisons of the object and the surface of the painting, Beraud’s topographical and organical aspects of the work, Goka’s "portraits of the least", Münster’s perforated and narrowly screens, Savvas’ enclosed geometrical forms and the schematic schematics of the rhombic motifs, confirm the conviction that painting has been and continues to be a prominent practice of expression and representation: a practice that makes the creative task of reasoning as well as critical wording. »

From Friday, May 04, 2018
To Friday, June 22, 2018

Nicosia / Lefkosia Municipality, Cyprus
04/05/2018 - 22/06/2018
Cultural / Art Exhibition

The content is taken from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation's website.